Pam Stone

PHONE: (01242) 680099

About Pam Stone

Pam was born in Huntingdonshire. She trained as a nurse and lived in Cheshire for 19 years before moving to Africa and living in Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast) for a further 6 years. She has two children who have now flown the nest. Pam loves animals and now lives centrally between Tewkesbury, Gloucester and Cheltenham with her husband Jeff and two cats, two dogs and two horses!

She has been painting for 25 years and in 2005 entered the Singer Friedlander competition and won a place in the Mall Gallery in London. Since then she has been shown in the Mall Gallery on numerous occasions with the Royal Marine Society, the Women's Society, the Wildlife Society and The Royal Institute Of Painters In Water Colours.

Pam has held her own exhibitions in the Gardens Gallery in Montpelier, Cheltenham every year since 2008.

Pam Stone is now an entry in the "Who's Who In Art" by Charles Baile de Laperriere

Pam's Painting

Pam paints on average 5 hours a day and she admits that it is her life!

"My painting gives me a spiritual lift into a quiet place where I can recouperate.  I love painting the beauty of the eyes, portraits are my favourite subject but I paint anything and everything!  Ideally I like to see the person I am painting, but if the photographs are good of the eyes I will paint not just a painting but YOUR child, pet and loved ones"